Chris Ledbury of Carnival Bird has another project called Berries. Berries is tagged as “alternative, beach chillin babes, and Virginia Beach”. I can definitely imagine hanging out on a beach with some babes and chilling out to these tracks.

The first track, “Bird Bath” grooves out for just long enough before the vocals start up. Then the vocals are more atmospheric than attention demanding, and that’s a great thing for this song. This beat is so cool. These textures are so smooth.

The second track is shorter, but it’s also a bit beachier. I suppose it’s maximally beachy, in fact, since there are actual sounds of waves in it. Clean electric guitars, reverberated vocals, and upbeat drums make for a great “beach chillin babes” track.

This two song album is called “Sea Dance”, and you can get it for free on BandCamp. It’s got some more beautiful artwork, as you should expect from the guy behind Carnival Bird’s colorful theming.

There’s also a Facebook page that definitely needs to get some more backing. It’s only been up for a few months it appears, but it’s about time some more people learn about this one. Chris Ledbury is doing some really cool things, and I think you’d enjoy it.

Oh! There’s another song called “Sun” that you can find on the Facebook page. It’s got some nice rain sounds, and plenty more reverberated vocals. This one is a slow jam, and it’s really nice and pretty. Check it out! You’ll probably love it!