Carnival Bird

Carnival Bird

 Carnival Bird mixes electronic pop with alternative lyrics and themes really well. The album color for Moirae is a wolf howling out colorful gems with a backdrop of a purple sky and white moon. How appropriate for their genre mash up!

Actually, you should definitely go to their Facebook page and look at all the album artwork for Moirae. Or better yet, you should buy it. It’s beautiful, and not just in an Of Montreal-esque “this is really weird” way.

I think “Clouds” is probably my favorite song on the album. It seems a bit more serious than some of the others, and the chord progression is really mood making. The drums are panned really interestingly, and the vocals are subtle enough to listen to actively or enjoy as an added texture.

I really like “Solway Firth Spaceman” for similar reasons. The melody is almost haunting. The electronics are glitchy and beautiful, and the up and down carnival walk really develops the theme of the band. The horns come in just when you think there needs to be something more.

Carnival Bird is Aaron Denny and Chris Ledbury. They only list alternative as their genre on Facebook, but they have much more creativity to display than what you’d normally think of as simply alternative.

Virginia Beach, this is good electronic alternative music. Listen to it. Go to their shows. Look at their beautiful artwork. If you want to be really active, find these guys and tell them to play more shows. They’d love the support.