I love 80s electronic beats and synthesizers, and Caverns does both really well on their album “Samples I” on Bandcamp. Every track says it’s an unfinished sample, and I know that the finished product is going to be incredible. These songs go on for under a minute for the most part, and then when you’re ready for something great to happen, they’re over. Check them out now and gain an insatiable sense of excitement.

“Underwater Pt I” and “Underwater Pt II” are my favorites. They’re the shortest, but these sounds are incredible. If nobody said the word “underwater” to you, you probably wouldn’t think about it. That’s good because it means it isn’t corny. However, being told that the piece is called “Underwater Pt I” or “Underwater Pt II” totally changes the way you look at it.

“Glass” is really great as well. I could’ve seen this being in the recent film “Drive”. There are some really glassy tones in there, and the bass synth is perfectly distorted. This is the track I would be most excited to hear the completed version of. It’s got the most variation.

The album closes out with “Lines” and “Slight” which are both sure to be great completed tracks. “Lines” has a very interesting bass groove, and I really didn’t want it to end. “Slight” has an incredible Killers sounding synth right from the start. The drums are really bassy too, and it’s great.

If you’re a fan of 80s electronics, you should totally check out Virginia Beach’s Caverns.