"Electronic music is really appreciated in some places and not at all in others."

Night is a really great ambient electronic band. I could only find three songs by them, and they’re all pretty short. They’re awesome, nonetheless. Come on, Virginia Beach, support music like this more and help this guy finish his tracks.

“If It Bleeds” is definitely the coolest song on Night’s Demons list on Bandcamp. I don’t want to say that it reminds me of the Ryan Gosling film Drive, but it totally does. Not just because it’s really fuzzy saw wave synths, but also because of the beat and overall progression.

“Streets” is awesome too. These are some of the cleanest synth tones I’ve heard mixed with some of the dirtiest. That persistent beat is awesome. I really wish these songs were finished!

Electronic music is really appreciated in some places and not at all in others. I can’t really tell whether or not it is in Virginia Beach. If they person responsible for the recordings on Night’s Bandcamp page were in Murfreesboro, TN, he’d be so successful.

These tones are great. These beats are great. That kick tone sounds even better than an 808. That’s hard to do. These synths are airy. These melodies are catchy. These beats are thick.

Find the person responsible for the Night songs, tell him he’s doing awesome, and then tell him to come play house shows in the Middle Tennessee area. We will support him if you won’t. This stuff is awesome, and I want to hear more of it. Night is a really sweet band name too.