Rain Over Battle

Rain Over Battle

No gimmicks or explanations. This is what I expect from Virginia Beach, and this is explicitly promised on Rain Over Battles’ Bandcamp page. They call it Punk / Indie / Post-Hardcore / Experimental. Rain Over Battle wants to play in your basements, garages, hometowns, or your Granny’s attic.

I just listened through their album These Rocks In Our Bodies on Bandcamp, and I liked it more than a lot of the things tagged as Post-Punk on Bandcamp. I especially liked the title track and introductory mood setting first track.

They list Explosions in the Sky as an influence. I don’t really see that at all, which is honestly a great thing. There is way too much stuff out there that sounds too much like Explosions in the Sky.

Somebody got a Rain Over Battle tattoo! That’s one of the biggest compliments possible, I think. If anybody ever got a tattoo of something I said though, I think it would make me really inhibitively self-conscious about everything else that I ever said.

I especially like the chanty gang vocal part of “A Multiple Party Perspective”. Hopeful groups of people yelling about their feelings are some of the greatest things this world has to offer, no matter what genre it comes from. If the thoughts are honest, we can all agree and have some much-needed cross-clique unity.

Rain Over Battle promotes a ReverbNation page, Bandcamp page, and Facebook page. Go check out one of them and see what you think of this Virginia Beach post-punk.