Songs we could use

Songs we could use

Forget the Bieb, here’s what we need…

While surfing through YouTube looking for the perfect song about how I’m feeling—you know, because my life always needs a soundtrack because I’m SO famous and stuff—I came to the realization that there are so many things in life that we don’t really have songs about—at least, not explicitly about.

We have plenty of songs about love and sex, some about death, and some annoying ones that pretty much just call girls “baby” over and over again, but where are the songs about protest today? We have a lot from the sixties and seventies we borrow, but I can only think of a handful of good songs today about what we are experiencing. We need some more women power anthems to stand up against this whole War on Women. How about a “Marriage Equals Heart Plus Heart” song?

And there are so many universal emotions we go through that could be epitomized in song. We have plenty of angsty adolescent songs about breakups and unrequited love, sure—but what about conflict between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, siblings? Again, I can’t think of many, yet these are things we all feel so deeply!

Then again, there are plenty of songs that could work for such things that are intended for others. The two songs that I keep playing right now in my anger and hurt while I lick my wounds are “Disease” by Matchbox 20 and “Gives You Hell” by the All-American Rejects. The funny thing is, these two songs used to apply to a best friend of mine from childhood, an older girl who really did a psychological number on me; today they apply, sadly, to people much closer, who’ve impacted me my whole life and hence wound me far more deeply.

Could you imagine how much money there is to be made off of songs that we need? I’m not saying that’s why they should be written, only imploring artists to create something to help us through this messiness. Songwriting is not one of my talents—my father will tell you differently, though I recall the lyrics he claimed to be golden as being very similar to the baby-baby lyrics of the Bieb himself, written ten years earlier—but I would happily buy any music that could help me through so much pain today, just as I happily purchased the music that helped me through other times in my life before. And I know many others would do so, too.