If I was going to listen to poppy hardcore rock, I would listen to this band. This makes me think of great times in high school, and I definitely like it. Virginia Beach is dominated by power pop bands, but Turnover totally stands out the most.

These dudes put out their self-titled EP in March 2011. You can find its five songs on their Bandcamp, and if you like anything in Virginia Beach, I’d definitely recommend this. It got a 9/10 review on Absolute Punk.

Danny Dempsey is a really neat guy. He collects vinyl and plays bass in Turnover.

Turnover is signed to Broken Rim Records. If you like Title Fight, Citizen, or Transit, go check out this label. Turnover is doing really well in this genre.

These songs are all really solid. They’re pretty straight to the point, and you can immediately enjoy them. I especially liked “Time”. It seems a bit more serious than the others, and as always the recording quality is great. All these songs seem pretty nostalgic, but this one does especially. Songs like that are great, and this one is appropriately titled. What’s more nostalgic than time? Time is the fundamental thing that creates nostalgia, I’d say.

If you’re around Virginia Beach and you can, be sure to check these guys out at a show. If you aren’t, head over to their Bandcamp page and enjoy some quality power pop! You can download the whole five-track album for five dollars, and if this is your genre, I’d absolutely recommend.