We Are Trees

We Are Trees

We Are Trees is a very solid lo-fi, bedroom band that was recently featured in MTV’s Skins. The names of the albums in their discography are Boyfriend (July 2010) and Girlfriend (March 2011).

Boyfriend contains four songs including the MTV featured “Sunrise Sunset”. They are all equally great though, and if I were the person at Skins that picked the music, I would have trouble deciding that “Sunrise Sunset” was the best choice.

Girlfriend has five songs and nudity on the album cover. I probably like Girlfriend better than Boyfriend, but this band has really done a great job of being consistent. All of these songs are great. I could easily see myself listening to We Are Trees while doing homework or playing with my turtle on a lonely afternoon day.

They made a video for “Sunrise Sunset” and it’s quite a beautiful piece of film! I think this is one of the cases when these guys both knew what they were doing and had a great camera. You can tell that these folks are a lot of fun to hang out with from their personalities in this video. I’d strongly recommend watching this as a first exposure to We Are Trees.

If you haven’t heard of them, look this band up. If you have heard of them, go see them play somewhere. If you have already done both of those, then congratulations! You know about some great things! We Are Trees is certainly a great group of music makers.