December 2011

The Revolving Birds - 'Follow You Off'

Hushed and urgent indie rock in the same vein as American Analog Set.

Virginia Beach = Power Pop?

When I think of Virginia Beach or Richmond, I think of Power Pop. Maybe I am wrong. I sort of really hope that I’m wrong, but it’s my current impression. I’m not one to tell people that their scene is dumb, but I’m not a big fan of power pop. Let me know if I’m terribly wrong about my great neighbor state of Virginia. I’d like to coordinate some super convenient and ultra fun Virginia/Tennessee show swapping dates if I am.

There’s a band from Richmond that plays in Virginia Beach pretty frequently called In Courage. They only have two songs on their Reverbnation page, and they’re called “Living Hell” and “Don’t Worry.” These guys look nice enough, and I’m sure we’d have a great time if we were in the same room at a really loud concert of a band we both love. They are influenced by the Steelers, Metallica, and Shafer Court.

There’s another band from Virginia Beach called Averman. Unfortunately, I get the idea that they are no longer a band because they recently created an event and listed themselves as playing it as a reunion show. It’s too bad I never got to see them and develop an informed opinion. They made t-shirts and some recordings.