January 2012

Cigarette - '100 Tears'

A nice filtered hush gives way to a great bedroom pop build. This is the sound of the seconds before waking. 


Chris Ledbury of Carnival Bird has another project called Berries. Berries is tagged as “alternative, beach chillin babes, and Virginia Beach”. I can definitely imagine hanging out on a beach with some babes and chilling out to these tracks.

Fox Hands - 'Jars'

Distant vocals holler out over steady, hypnotic beats in this dreamy little art-pop track.


"Electronic music is really appreciated in some places and not at all in others."

Night is a really great ambient electronic band. I could only find three songs by them, and they’re all pretty short. They’re awesome, nonetheless. Come on, Virginia Beach, support music like this more and help this guy finish his tracks.

Rain Over Battle

No gimmicks or explanations. This is what I expect from Virginia Beach, and this is explicitly promised on Rain Over Battles’ Bandcamp page. They call it Punk / Indie / Post-Hardcore / Experimental. Rain Over Battle wants to play in your basements, garages, hometowns, or your Granny’s attic.