February 2012

Virginia Beach Baby Punk!

There’s a band in Virginia Beach called The Vaginasaurs who recorded an eight track album in the den of a castle by the bay. This surf rock/baby punk seems like it would be awesome to see live. You can check it out on one of their five upcoming shows in Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia! Head to their Facebook to find more details. All of these shows look like tons of fun. The pictures on their Tumblr suggest that their shows are super rad and cute in all the right ways.


If I was going to listen to poppy hardcore rock, I would listen to this band. This makes me think of great times in high school, and I definitely like it. Virginia Beach is dominated by power pop bands, but Turnover totally stands out the most.


I love 80s electronic beats and synthesizers, and Caverns does both really well on their album “Samples I” on Bandcamp. Every track says it’s an unfinished sample, and I know that the finished product is going to be incredible. These songs go on for under a minute for the most part, and then when you’re ready for something great to happen, they’re over. Check them out now and gain an insatiable sense of excitement.